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Hi, trailrunner. Yes it is possible to quit the crack cocaine of the gambling world. Firstly you have to really want to and that normally means hitting rock bottom as this addiction is progressive taking people to suicide, prison or insanity. So do you really want to stop trailrunner? If you do, go get help from GA, who are excellent at support, and cut off your access to money and the casinos. Sounds like you gamble in casinos trailrunner? Self exclude. I hit rock bottom playing slots for five and a half years. I a. On day 42, and attend GA. Has. Y situation improved in that time. Sorry to say it hasn’t but I know that overtime it will. It takes time to regain what the addiction has taken away from us and that is mostly our self. They say it takes 30 days to rewire the brain from a slot addiction. My experience is there is an element of truth in that. In the first few weeks of abstinence my brain did not function as it usually does with depression, tiredness and forgetfulness. That is gradually going. So it is a journey we go on to regain the parts of ourselves that have been lost to this ghastly addiction. What I do know trailrunner is that this addiction cannot be fought on our own. It really cannot so go get help and support to quit if that is really what you decide to do. This addiction has ways of keeping the hooks in and we have to break each and every one of them. Good luck.