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I was really depressed today. Why? I stayed home and just isolated myself and watched tv all day. I asked my Mom to join me tomorrow so we can go to yard sales and lunch. I will feel better getting out and about. Good news, my youngest Daughter got a job with a good company. I am praying that it works out for her. There isn’t a date set for my Mom’s procedure. I wasn’t allowed in the testing room so I didn’t hear what the cardiologist said to her. She has told me several different stories. I urged her to call his office on Friday and she left a message. She should hear back from them on Monday. I want to go to the city next month and spend 5 days to visit with my kids and Grandson, sister, nephew and great niece. I guess I am feeling isolated and overwhelmed with my Mom. I guess I need to get a life. Today I was self reflecting and realize how I suffer from low self esteem and self worth. I am working on these issues. I want my relationships to be real and I want to form new relationships. Something is holding me back. I guess I have a lot to learn.