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Dear diary,
It would be a lie if I do not have any worries now and life was perfect.
Fact is “ I was worried about 2 things now.”
1. I worry that I cannot manage with the workload working alone on the job ( I am covering the job of 2 or 3 now compare to last year this time )
2. I worry that I don’t know what to do when there is a job to do ( there are new changes and new services, when I am working alone, there is no one to teach me what to do. )

What I was taught?
It is testing my faith in God.
If my faith is strong, I need not worry.

What do I plan to do ?
I cannot see the future, but I will continue to have faith on God.
Am sure all will be fine in the end.
I am made of fresh, yes, I do get worried.

What did I learn from reading ?
Do not base my decision on past experience, it can be wrong if it was not base upon all the scriptures ?
In the past, when I get upset, I cannot be still, it is a fight or flee situation for me.
I will either fix the thing or I will leave the thing, it is extreme, nothing in between.
I resign from the job many times in the past.

What do I intend to do ?
Leave it to the Higher Power to fix the situation.
I will not made the decision.
Will be patience, be still and watch the situation progress or unfold. This is new to me. I will be teachable and willing.