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I wondered if she might end up with a little disorientation. My grandmother experienced this after a big surgery. She may do it again when you get home. Every transition can cause it, the move from ICU or the move to a rehab center or even back home. Be on guard when she gets home. She might try to cook or go outside without help. It is common. Someone might consider sleeping with her or near her if possible. It sounds like she is physically doing a lot better and she will get back to her normal, but you were worrying over her behaviour before this too. Wondering about some possible dementia, so every change she may slip back a little until she can keep a routine. We asked for a sitter at the hospital for my grandmother, but they said they didn’t have anyone. My Mom stayed 5 out of 7 nights and I stayed 2. It kicked our butts sleeping in those recliners. I don’t recommend it!