I’m not sure if there is a connection, but i wanted to know if gambling and cheating are connected in some way. I’ve recently learned (not from my bf who is a cg) that he cheated on me more than a hanful of times. I know there are many men who cheat and they don’t have a gambling problem, but it seems as though when he gets depressed from loosing that he turns to cheating? In my heart i want to leave him, but i don’t feel ready financially. But at the same time, he doesn’t help me financially at all, so it doesn’t make any sense. Any advice you all can give me would be great because i am basically done with dealing with him. I always knew he had two sides to himself. There is the cg part of him and a loving part to him. But it seems as though the gambling side of him is taking over and he doesn’t realize what he has and will soon loose. But i am sick of dealing with his gambling, cheating, and not being there for me.