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Hello, I have just read your story and can’t imagine what you are going through.

I myself am going through a similar situation as your husband and I plan on telling my father tomorrow, I really hope he is going to be as understanding as you seem to be.

I only joined this site this evening looking for advice myself however I would like to say to you, it took a lot of courage for your husband to tell you what he has done.

I know my secrets have been eating and eating away at me for months, I only last week was considering suicide as my life insurance will cover my debts, very similar to your husband.

Regarding the business loan, I wouldn’t like to tell you what to do as only you can make that decision as you know deep Down that this could end very badly for you however, if he is honestly holding his hands up and really wants to be done with it, you take control of the money. Don’t let him have access and that way, you are going ahead with what you wanted and you know the funds will be safe. I am sure he would see this as reasonable.

I wish you the best of luck with everything.

I really feel for you, you must feel so betrayed but remember gambling doesn’t make you a bad person, the just made bad choices.