Dearest Jenny

I have a minute but wanted to send some love and support your way. How lucky your dog is to have such a loving owner – not all animals (and people) are that lucky…How you care for him comes across so much in your post – I am sure he feels all that love and it will carry him thru this world or into the next – whatever is meant to be…all we can do is be there for them and love them.

Pets are so centering – they remind you of being in the moment – that is all we have right? And they always love you back which is more than I can say for people. Hard lessons learned….

Again I see our lives parallel – my oldest just turned 16 yesterday..and yes, how do they get that old?? Its like I turned around and boom there he was 6’4″ and hairy! He is always my baby though as I am sure your boys are to you.

And thank you for your comment on my thread – I will respond there as I don’t want to prattle on about my life on your thread!

I know with your dog as he is it is hard to take care of yourself, but you need to find some time, even 10 minutes where you can give yourself something. We all know what a slippery road it is for us “over-doers” – taking the time to self-care gives your more energy to care for your dog, etc. I know you know this, but sometimes its nice to hear. Keep being a good mommy to your pet but also don’t neglect yourself.

Hopefully the new meds will help him – what is the dog’s name?- I am walking right beside you – thinking of you –
with love