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“In a minute” was the answer I got when mine were younger and I would ask them for help…the minute would never come. I would ask and ASK, then tell them, then start roaring at them and eventually they would do a certain amount, with bad grace, leaving me feeling guilty for nagging and yelling. Their bedrooms were always like junk yards. It used to break my heart to go in there and see CDs, ipods, CD players video games etc ect etc ( not to mention designer clothes ) littered around the floor. Radios broken and the batteries drained because they “forgot” to turn off devices.
Two things come to mind. Our kids got FAR too much, too easily.
In a few years time they will all be gone…..
When they move out , will the clutter still be there? I have an attic full of clutter . Symbolic of all the clutter in my head?
Could you PLEAD with them to help Liberty? They are girls!!! When my daughter comes from Australia (which is seldom), she starts emptying presses and cleaning out the fridge, saying “when was this place last given a good cleaning”!!
It’s a bit like gambling.
You can’t win!
(but you are allowed to rant and even allowed to YELL!