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hoping recovery will bring back a normal happy and productive life. I too have had a few major setbacks but am ready to put everything possible in place to prevent me from becoming lost forever. My brain is overloaded with a desire to quit and I am going to do all I can to quit this addiction I have to gambling. I am putting up every barrier possible this time and trusting that I can rely on my hubby for full support. I am openly talking about my thoughts and feelings too. Try that it might help. I am going to identify my weakest moments and try to talk through those moments before my brain won’t give way to anything else but the urges. Urges are so powerful that you must try to get ahead of them I think. Look for patterns that might lead you to gambling and avoid them. If they are in places you frequent stop going to those places or you will give in too urges, that is a given. Give it all you got Steph and you can do it. Just day 1 again for me but success lies ahead. FG