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Is this six days.. Trust me Andy one day is a ” huge milestone” .. Six is amazing.
It is really hard to stop. If it wasn’t we would not need sites like this , but you have stopped.
To ensure you stay stopped, even when temptation is at it’s strongest , please put things into place straight away before payday.
Often I thought I was “cured” and ready to stay away from gambling forever, when I would suddenly remember I had a card somewhere with a few quid on it, and soon I was back to square one…back in the cycle of compulsive gambling which is so difficult to get out of.
Don’t under estimate your achievement. There are so many of us who took years to get to a day five or six. It might be helpful for you to join some of the groups and talk to others who have this compulsion Andy. Cutting off all access to gambling will make sure things are getting better for you every day.