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Isn’t it funny, Fritz, how we thought (while we were gambling) if only we didn’t gamble everything would be OK.

And now that we haven’t gambled for a couple of months the life still puts us to the test. Now we have to deal with non-gambling problems, problems that we never got around to deal with when we were gambling.

Charles warned me about this in one of the group sessions a few months ago. And I knew it myself – that life will be good at times and it will be not so good at some other times, but that it will ALWAYS be better if we’re not gambling.

When I was gambling I didn’t pay so much attention to other problems that needed solving. I just let them pile up. And, luckily, I’m not overwhelmed with them now, but they’re there and need addressing. And my brain got very lazy from all that gambling, so now doing even a simple chore requires a lot effort.

And I wanted to gamble only a couple of days ago. I don’t know why. Maybe to avoid thinking about other things I need to do and postpone them.