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It seems that Nguyen had you the moment she laid eyes on you. She swept you away with her sexiness, gorgeousness and directness. Qualities that clearly excites you. She is no stranger to relationships. I am only commenting on the back story you have provided and as an outsider and child of a compulsive gambler, who knows the ins and outs of this awful addiction.
It won’t be long when you will be faced with the addiction, wanting something because so and so happened. The moment you start caving in and helping just a little, it will want more. No one is above this addiction without proper strategies, always having the mindset that the addiction can quickly pull the carpet from under them.
I personally don’t find it appropriate to even mention s*x on the boards, however you did and it is clearly a factor that has you going . This I am sure you are aware can be part of manipulation. Watch it dwindle when the addiction doesn’t get what it wants.
Many member here have thought, at first like you that you are in control of the addiction but eventually find themselves in very dark places emotionally and financially.

I would reread Geordie’s responses as he is spot on. He is a recovering cg and I am on the other side, who is in recovery from a father who is a cg.