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It’s a package Bosslady – along with a true gamble-free life comes hope along with hope comes contentment, along with contentment comes less friction in the home and along with that comes a happier state in which to live gamble free. Everybody benefits and no more so than a CG who often struggles with unnecessary guilt. Nobody asks for or wants the addiction and it takes great courage to control it – if that courage and control is recognised by those who love them then there is every possibility of a good outcome. Equally, if there is no reaction and no change, a CG might well believe that he/she will be happier escaping into addiction.
I am so pleased that you and your children have noticed his changes and are reacting to them and enjoying them, it will make it easier for him to maintain his control.
He can’t undo the hurt of what has gone before – nobody can do that but you can all make today and all your tomorrows happier.
I took a long long time to trust and he never asked for it or for forgivingness. There came a time when I did forgive because I was ready. Trust is different – I trust that my CG will look after his life and that is all I can ask but then that is all we can ask of anybody isn’t it?
Great positive post – well done to all of you