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Hello Darren,

It’s been a good few weeks since you last posted. I always like to keep my eye on the threads of the people who come here looking for advice and support, and then decide on an alternate route. Just to see if the rest of us have been hoodwinked by others and ourselves, and it is possible to quit by pursuing a different path.

Your first post on this thread springs to mind where you say, “I have also noticed a number of people have written maybe one or two entries and then nothing since, I am truly hoping they have managed to quit the addiction but I fear they may have relapsed … I only hope they come back, accept they had a ‘blip’, and start again. Rome wasn’t built in a day etc etc”

I wonder why you’ve just stopped posting.

I do hope all is well with you. To be honest though you have written some things which would have worried me about my recovery if I had been in your place.

Hopefully you’re in Gran Canaria having a great time with the money you’ve saved by not gambling.

Take care, looking forward to an update.