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It’s certainly part of the problem idi. I have written a long letter to my dr. I dont know if i will ever be able to present it to her but i usually get very nervous when i talk to her and have a hard time speaking my mind. I often find myself smoothing things over as im feeling weird about the whole situation. She was nice enough to call me up yesterday after i called the gp some days ago. I was not prepared when she called ( was out walking the dog who disturbingly tried to eat some other dogs poop whilst i was on the phone lol) so i was mostly like ok, ok and agreed to try and evaluate two new meds over the weekend. So here i am again stuffing myself with pills like a good girl. Point is i dont think it will solve the underlying issues so i need to tell her everything at some point so i can get referred to a proper psychologist to work everything out. It costs a small fortune if you book one in a private clinic which i cant afford.

Wasted weekend. But i probably need to rest so it’s ok sort of.

Love jez