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So I met with my aunt. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the means to bail me out like I had hoped (she just bought another house), but she did give me $2,000 that she doesn’t expect back, which helped make ends meet.

Going forward, my budget shows around ~$1,600 in payments on my cards, definitely a big chunk out of my $3,200 monthly income. After living expenses I’m looking around $400-500 to live off of (ramen noodles here I come), which will be tough but manageable if I stick to it and do NOT gamble a dime of it.

This horrible financial situation has made me resent gambling actually, hopefully that helps with any urges to gamble in the future. I haven’t been back in over a month now, and I already feel more level-headed despite my financial struggle.

I’ll post later on my progress soon, hopefully in less debt and many more months gamble free