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please don’t put yourself in a situation where you have to make a decision to gamble to not and take a chance at a relapse. It’s too high risk for a cg to risk that. If you can give your cards to your husband tomorrow  that would legitimately give you no option to gamble. You will be so happy you did that. I toally feel it when you say subconcioisly you wanted to gamble. You’re already thinking about it. It was like me before I went to AC. I messaged few of my gambling friends before I left and told them I’m gonna hit BIG in Ac and get my money back that I lost in my city. And then the logical part of me told myself over and over don’t gamble when you’re there. The demon won because I had already put it in my head before I went, that I was going to gamble. I wish I had given my cards up to be 100% sure I didn’t put myself in that high risk sitUation. You will be happy you do tomorrow if you decide to. Take a bit of cash with you for emergency. like 50$. Also you know like tot said what if you just bring 50 to gamble, you know as soon as you lose that you will be going to chase it on your card. If you feel like gambling tomorrow, come on here. I will be here to Chat and we will put this to rest together, and never look back on this dark Time.