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It is a proud beginning and you should feel really good. But I understand where you are coming from.

Looking back I can’t believe I spent nearly 20 years of my early adulthood either gambling or battling this addiction. Years when I should have been building up my wealth for the future. I also remember missing the thrill of gambling in the early days of my recovery – and sometimes that was the trigger that drove me back (oh I can just play for small stakes for a few hours – that ALWAYS led to deeper trouble.) I feel we have to replace our gambling with something else – something that gives us pleasure and takes away the nostalgia for gambling. I tried several things; various classes, walking, dancing, chess, writing, comedy performance, counselling training – with differing results.

You need to find your own way with this one. What have you always wanted to do in later life … What did you give up for gambling – can you go back to it. What would be a thrill for you. Eventually gambling becomes a distant memory – hopefully just a blip (in my case a large blip) in a life filled with lots of other things.

Keep strong – you are doing well.