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It’s so ironic, I was so looking forward to meeting you. you’ll do well there. Obviously people in their 20s can’t have been gambling for decades, but if you started at 16 and go in at 25-28 that around 10 years – much more than me. My gambling was to do with tendency to escape through addictions – gambling is not my primary issue. They thought that and I know that. Gambling is a diversion for me working out what is going on in my head. I think I have underlying mental health issues which go back to my childhood – that’s what they thought and it’s what I believe now. But I cannot change that, I can only learn and grow from where I am.

The guys there are lovely. Please say hi to them from me, and tell them that I still plan on sending them some DVDs of the films I made. I wonder which house you’ll be in. There are some cracking people there and you’ll get a lot from it.

See you soon and good luck