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I’ve lived close to that line in the past and was grateful family stepped up without me having to ask. My cousin stopped by a couple of times with a big grocery order. But what of those who don’t have family or friends with the ability to help out. Or the unwillingness. There are so many who don’t realize what it is like to not know where your next meal is coming from, even when working! I donate to food banks and social service charity groups and to the UN refugee food program. Little things. But my something.

Glad to know you have a few staples for the next couple days. No miracle maybe but as long as today is taken care of maybe that is all we need. I could only think so far ahead in the earlier days or things would get overwhelming. Life on hold while busy cleaning up messes. Speaking of life, hubby is starting supper an I should help out.

hope your evening in is comforting.