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Am so sorry that you have to endure this, its so so hard Prayer does help but be wise its sad but you cant belive them and yes they mean well but i have learned that they lie like theres no tommorrow, my husband is a cg and yes it feels as the are Stealing from us from them selfs and onces they relize that they say sorry but it takes action and lots of support it cant be done alone no how .I hear your pain and with all my heart i wish that you werent going though this . This is a great site i have kids as well and it s hard to make it though the day dealing with is hard and God is needed all the time . get you close friend or family and learn about this addiction its doesnt make it go away but it has helped me understand and keeps me from breaking more down and makes me know that its not me its him he is sick .I hope that i can help but KNOW that you are NOT ALONE!!!