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Just checking in. My husband and I went to the beach for the weekend about two weeks ago. We had a great one night get-a-way. We were running away from our ungrateful children. It was a great trip, but we did visit the dog track while we were there. He loved it, I tolerated it. We both bet, but I have to say, I was ready to leave very soon. He wanted to stay, so we stayed. I know it is a form of gambling and I saw all the same desperate characters, but for me, this is not my addiction. It was like something I could easily do without forever. I suppose I have to count it as gambling, but there is no real guilt there. I didn’t want to tellmy family because they all know I struggle with slots. I have not bought a scratch off lottery which is something I do recognize is risky behaviour for me. So I stay away from that.
I believe that given the opportunity, I would go to the casino, but since we keep cramming things into our weekend, there has been no trips. Money worries are lighter, I am making serious progress on debt reduction. I don’t think about gambling for days at a time now. That is so nice. I am having some thoughts today, I don’t know what we have planned this weekend, so I will have to be on guard.