Hi Neecy

How are you doing??
I also wanted to extend my support and urge you to wrap those arms tightly around yourself and never let go.

I am still new on the path but have been following your thread – I have learned, as Im sure you’ve heard, all you can do is look after yourself. I so resonate with those arms being tired – Mine are exhausted! F&F spend so much time looking out for others that we literally burn ourselves out in the process – sometimes I have looked in the mirror and didn’t even recognize myself because I look so tired and awful. I relate to your make up usage as I have been there too – Deciding at times “enough is enough” and that I need to take care of myself, put on a little make up and jewelry to remind myself of who I used to be.

Good for you for recognizing these things – and so quickly – You deserve better for yourself and you deserve not to allow yourself to be put down by others, especially others who said they care about you.

I am here – post again – wishing you only peace and blessings for 2014.