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Just read your entire thread and I can relate to everything you typed. You are like me, we are so hard on ourselves for what we have done. You have to give yourself a break man, you are not a bad guy. You are not a murderer, criminal, woman beater etc, you just have an adddiction like all of us here. Listen man I been going to councilling one on one for addictions because GA did not works for me. A little bit about me I was not only addicted to gambling but also drugs and alcohol, so you can imagine the damage I was not only doing to finances but also my brain with substances on top of the gambling. You have to forgive yourself and realize this is not you vs you. It’s you vs your brain. Your brain got addicted to the dopamine rush that gambling gives like when you got that jackpot. I was the same. My big wins though, never came again since May.. lost every single time.. not even win once. I don’t even remember what’s it feels like to walk out after winking, that’s how much I lost consistently. Once you realize you are powerless over this addiction, you can be more at ease with yourself. We have to stop beating ourself up. I know you are a good guy just from your posts. You wil overcome this demon, you will come out on top and this will be a distant memory. There’s is no winners in the end, and if we stop now, the rest of our lives are ahead of us to make it right . Happy and gamble free. Do you remember how life was before gambling ? Just think it can get back to that if you truly believe. I’m rooting for you man, the saying goes we are either working on recovery or working on relapsing, let’s work on our recovery and be absolutely OBSESSED with recovery even more than being obsessed with gambling. Let’s have dopamine rush from gamble free days.. instead of slots or cards.. keep fighting man. We’re gonna get through this.