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Well done for sharing how you feel, I understand also how you feel, I am a compulsive gambler, I am 39 and have been gambling since I was around 14, I have a wife and two children and can relate to where you are, I don’t need to tell you as you already know but if you don’t stop it doesn’t get any better my friend, I am heavy into loan sharks at the moment and like you I have a fairly good job and have had a fairly good job all my life (although work very hard to earn my money) I should have a nice house all paid for (renting at present) should have savings in the bank (have none), should have many things but gambling takes everything away from us and if we let it will also take are wives, children and our souls.

I very rarely talk about money as sometimes it can be a trigger to many (me included) but lets just say if I had never gambled in life I would have a nice 5 bedroomed house (in my current area) fully paid for and have 3-4 nice cars parked outside also completely paid for………..but thats life and I only need 3 bedrooms for now and can only ever drive one car at a time (no matter how much I brag about how good I am), life has this way of working itself out for you………it just is how it is.

In truth I am not bitter (many people are and I understand that) but I am here and sharing with you now and that is all that maters (after 7 operations to sort out on ongoing issue I have….afraid to say still ongoing) and also a couple of very close misses of departing from the world I consider myself “A Lucky Man”, everything we are is inside us, it’s not made up of what we have, I also believe that the struggles we have in life make us better people, like the saying goes “we bring nothing into the world and we can take nothing out” I suppose all that really means is what we do with our lives whilst we are in the world is all that matters.

I wish you well my friend and really hope you can get your life back on track, I know we don’t mean to hurt the people we love but with doing what we do…we do, thanks for sharing and keep posting, you are a good person I am sure just got caught up in a really bad addiction, I am a lot older and still fighting to stay gamble free one day at a time.

I dont preach as that is not me but all I will say is “I keep walking down the same road and I expect a different ending but strangely enough the ending is always the same!”

If nothing changes then nothing changes………..these words I type I could do with reading myself everyday.

Wish you, your wife and your children all the very best in the world, you have your whole life ahead of you, well done for confronting your problems at such an early age it took me many years to admit I had a problem.