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Hi Steev,

Thank you for your encouraging words and advice. I’ve been keeping myself busy in up upkeeping the house. I cleaned the entire house like it prob should’ve been in years. Cleaned out the garage and now working on getting rid of excess items to donate.  We are going to turn the garage onto a gym and the kids (teens) are really excited about that.

They also love Christmas so I dove back into arts and crafts, something I used to love and I guess that’s my new addiction. Pros… my family and I are seeing positive changes in our home living. We are getting closer and doing these things together. Cons…I’m staying up late at night to finish a craft I started. i have to tell myself to stop and go to sleep, which is a similar feeling I had while gambling. 

Im experiencing and reaping the benefits of non-gambling living. It feels good and i feel in control. But I do feel the urge to go play table games every now and then. So now I stop and think about all the positives I’ve accomplished in such little time. I tell myself….I probably lost close to $1mil over the 15 years. That is gut wrenching and I have to live with it. So tell myself if i can lose that money, i can earn and save that money over time.  

I’ve always been a positive person. I keep reading more journals and I’ve felt exactly how others have felt. It helps keep things in perspective. I hope and pray we all stop gambling. It’s entertainment… that we pay for. We have paid dearly for it. 

So yes…. keeping strong and fighting them urges. I’ve been on a couple forums. I will see you there im sure! THANKS again 🙂