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I know exactly how you feel. My partner does not accept his problem. He has borrowed money from my family who do not know about his problem. He is unaware that I know about the money my family gave him. I cant ask my family as my dad will not accept that.
He is starting a new job next week but how long that will last I dont know!
I cant ask him about the issue as he shuts me out when I broach the subject.
All i can do right now is wait it out, be as supportive as possible so that he feels comfortable to come to me when the time is right.
I am very lucky as I have always kept my finances separate to him so I am not financially at a loss.
Its really difficult to watch him throw everything away and to see how much he is struggling. He also has a daughter from a previous relationship and he is coming very close to losing her. The mother of the child has informed me that he wouldnt see his child if I was not around….not that he would do anything but she does not want the child seeing her father being so bothered and distant as it has really bad effects on her.
He went for help before but unfortunately was not at rock bottom and was not willing to change…..i hope that he loses everything very soon. I know that sounds awful but it would be the best thing for him in the long term if he lost everything and hit rock bottom to go to a treatment center.

If you need anything please dont hesitate to message me as I know exactly what you are going through and the difficulty of trying to be there for him but also protect our family….its never easy:(