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A few thoughts…..

A 6 hour round trip to get yourself banned? A long way for sure but that will save the 30 hours driving that just a further 5 trips to the casino would take.

You don’t want to go to GA on your own? Have you/would you ever go gambling on your own?

It sounds like your sister would help? Go with you as moral support when you get banned? Help you with accountability?

What did I do in my early days?
Lots of little thigns for sure. Going to GA helped; for me there was nothing like looking into the eyes of another Cg who wasn’t gambling to give me hope. I made myself accountable, had bank statements etc sent to a family member I trusted so that i couldnt gamble secretly. I filled my time and made plans for days off work especially.

Lots of things really but if I had to put it in one short sentence – I did things I really didn’t want to do. Those are the things that will usually help us stop gambling

Would some of the things you don’t want to do help you stop?