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Kpat, I have been there. My son has missed out in so mAny things he could have feels horrible!! That really must have hurt you and hubby!!… But whAt a great son!!you have done something right there!!!

You wrote on my post that u think I have a gift with words.. That is truly amazing as I am sitting here beating myself up as a friend has had the worse new ever about her health . She has little kids, and in my shock I said everything that you should never say. I was so insensitive and clumsy I practically asked her how long? I think it is you who has a gift… Of knowledge or something !! I don’t really know but it is like you knew how I was feeling!

Just think Kpat you will never be in that situation again! Your son has learned a lesson about money . There will be other times to enjoy his friends. You are working hard to overcome this addiction and making amazing progress! Soon we will be a me to relax and worry less about money . Can’t wait!!