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Walked up to this crowded bar. The bar kind of looked like a roulette table. Some man said something to me about being there before. I told him that I had never been there before. He told me he thought I had been there several times and others at the bar agreed I had been there several times also. They said I never came to the bar. I just snuck past the bar and then rushed directly to the back. I realized then that that was where the slot machines were. I thought to myself, since they all recognize me, I am going to sneak out of here and then never come back to this place. As I got up to leave, someone said, “oh no, you don’t” They grabbed me and put handcuffs on me and also handcuffed me to two other people whom I didn’t know. Then I woke up.
This dream would make more sense if I was barred from casinos, but I am not. Anyway, still feeling quite stressed after my last gamble, which I pray to God is my last gamble!