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What can I say, Laura?
You’ve been on my mind over the past few days. I wasn’t well. Sorry I didn’t post.
What could you have done differently that would have prevented that happening Laura?
I “used” my son often enough to get loans (lots of them) and to manipulate him into transferring money URGENTLY to my bank account to keep me “buzzing” to know how you feel right now…….it can’t be undone Laura but really you will have to tell him never to give you his card again.
We can never say “I wouldn’t do such a thing, ever”…as KenL often said…NOT YET…
Its 3 :30 am Laura. I’m a bit frazzled
I hope and pray that this will be IT.
Talk soon…this is a tough reminder of what gambling will do to you, to me to every CG…