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why don’t you Self Exclude now, when you’re broke?
Before your salary hits your bank account.
After I was totally cleaned out, I emailed the Site, I now call “HELL” in my memory and they were very courteous. They offered me a choice of bonuses over a three day period to “try my luck again” or Exclusion offers. I opted for the latter. I self excluded FOR LIFE!.
You KNOW you will never withdraw money no matter how many wins you get.
You KNOW you will never really win because you are a CG.
You KNOW it’s all a hoax.
So why waste another minute of your precious time torturing yourself and throwing away your hard earned money!
It’s all one big illusion.
Every word I write to you, I also address to myself.
‘Nuff said!
We have given the fatcats ENOUGH!