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Liberty, are you posting more than before? I have just read your post on twilight’s thread and I was astounded!! It was like someone had presented me with the truth for the first time!!

I never smoked or did drugs. i monitor my alcohol intake- having went off it completely for eight years once I discovered I was pregnant.. Why? Because I know these things are addictive and can destroy lives.
Like you no one ever told me gambling was addictive! No one ever told me that I could become an addict.. Looking back I can recognise the addiction in my mother and in several other family members, but I probably would have never started had I known.

Like you I didn’t know it could destroy lives. Like you it isn’t something my “selfishness” leads me to do.

I wonder is there an addiction we could substitute for gambling- in the way drug addicts are moved onto safer drugs? Is there a way to trick our brains into receiving the “buzz” without spending our last penny?
You have given me so much food for thought!

You have also made me feel a little less self hatred!

Thank you Lib!