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I speak from my perspective of being the son of a compulsive gambler (as well as one myself) and I know the majority of arguments between my parents were because of my father’s lies, rather than his gambling.
I think my mother became used to the idea of not having any money and having to hide what little she had from him – but not being able to trust him and asking him what had happened when money went missing (and he always denied taking it) just tipped her over the edge.

Good to hear that you have admitted you have a problem and you have registered here and with Gamstop. Can you involve your husband in your recovery? Is he able to handle your finances for you – so that you don’t have the ammunition to gamble with? Can you access support together? There is a families and friends forum as well as this one on the GT site and specific support groups for F&Fs.

Well done for reaching out. I wish you well.