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Thanks for posting on my thread, Steev. Life is a mystery, no doubt! Sorry to hear you had “gut” problems on your travels. Nothing worse! I remember travelling through France many years ago with four people I didn’t know too well and I went “belly up” in the back seat. The only toilets were “hole in the floor” type. The driver was intent on reaching our destination. I didn’t know him well but I could see he was “eyeing me up” on that trip a journey that had a major impact on the next ten years of my life. That was long before I gambled but that whole “affair” (small A) ended up with my seeking solace in the wrong place…

Memories, memories, memories!

I wish I could speak French. I wasted so many years doing what amounted to nothing.

Safe travelling, Steev and thanks for taking time to support all on GT.