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Life has been good of late in some ways and not so good in other ways. I have booked a short trip to visit a beloved cousin next month. She’s as close to a sister as possible. She is having serious surgery. And will be waiting for biopsy results or have just gotten results. So once she is over the worst of her recovery from the surgery I will visit. We can sit in the late spring sunshine and have coffee. Go for short walks. Visit her daughter and grandson. Paid for it with credit card points and a small fee. I’m driving more and really enjoying having a new car. The bills are paid. My sons are doing relatively well and are happy. My back is better than it’s been in a good while. Hopefully still to improve. I’ve been having a little fun with friends. Life should be good.

But the big But. My husband and I are not getting on at all. And a lot of it is my fault. So many things about him annoy me and I can’t stop pointing them out! I’m trying to tell myself he has his own ways and I have mine but not working all the time. I’m hoping it works itself out and is just a phase. But sometimes i wonder if my internal self is telling me something.

Going out to have some beers tonight and listen to music with friends. Life is too important to waste if I can help it. No gambling. thanks for the encouragement ladies.