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Lifes getting a little easier. Ive had a gamble free weekend and thats the key to my better life .
I still carry around each day so much pain and regret and have low moments each day .Mainly of how on earth could l have done all those things that were all driven by my need to gamble . The brief counselling that I had 8 years ago said when these thoughts come , not to follow them through and
immediately consciously try to think if something else.
But Im in good shape tonight and start another week , wrote in my diary this week a guage of my life , had it at 54 . I supose thats pretty good as my life is over half full . Based that on work , love life , finances , family relationships , friends .
And if you knew me that would be a surprise as i have so little in my life really due to gambling . But thats a goal to have if this year I can get my guage up to ……. 60 ? My hopes , my dreams , ambition , to find someone to love , to put right the wrongs in my life .
Alot to ask , but one day at a time x