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Hi everyone, Since I’ve been working on myself, I’ve become much stronger in dealing with my son. For the last three weeks he has stopped contacting me on a daily basis. I’ve learnt the word ‘No’ and he seems to have accepted that. I’ve had a few ‘I need to talk’ texts and I’ve replied, ‘No, I have no money’. He came back, ‘It’s not about money, why do you always think it’s about money?’ Duh because for the last 8 years that’s all the calls have been about! Anyways, he hasn’t contacted me and I’ve contacted him once a week to have a mother/son chat about life in general and no mention of money. It’s so good to have a normal conversation with him. I’ve accepted that it’s none of my business what he is up to and if he gets into trouble he has to face the consequences. I’ve also accepted if he follows through suicidal thoughts, I really did my best to help him, but cannot be held to ransom with these threats anymore. I still hope one day he will seek the help he needs but right now the most help I can give him, is to look after myself and my sanity. Love to you all xx