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Dear diary
Every entry in this forum is growing in importance and helping me, my past is teaching me how to live my life today and pointing me in the right direction.
My last rock bottom was in year 2013, since then it has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding period in my recovery journey, I was hopeful, and things has been good for more than a year now, but life is full of up and down, this is life’s term.
Finally, this month was not a good month, there were so many unexpected things happening to me one after another, I never experience this many bad news since end 2013. But it was still nothing compare to what I went through in 2013 which was more serious.
I expected my recovery to remain stable and good. I was prepared to accept one or two bad news but not when most things is turn upside down this month, I find this hard to accept, I was dissatisfied and lost my gratitude.
Nevertheless I am sure I will be grateful about this lousy month one day in the future, it has reminded and taught me that there will be bad times in recovery, not every day is easy, some days will be tough like this month.
I was a fool and it was stupidity to expect “good days alway” in recovery. When reality strike and it wasn’t, I lose my cool.
Anyway I cannot wait for this month to be over. In the meanwhile, the bad news continue, I was just told by the income tax department that they will tax me and I may be indebted to them for SGD$900, something new to me plus I receive a legal letter of demand from Housing Board here for SGD$300 today, I forget to made SGD$25 payments for 12 months.
Just glad I am no more taking alcohol or gambling. The experience this month has increase my awareness for living life on life‘s terms.

In time to come, I will laugh it off what I experience this month.