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Lizbeth and Kin thankyou both for your posts and kind words, I really hope you are both keeping well.

Kin my friend, you are so very right and I love the way you speak and share it reminds me of me when I am having a good day!

We are all but figures on the chess board of life my friend, maybe I am a pawn who can be thrown away with not a second thought and then again maybe I am the king who without me the game would be lost………however for me every single piece is just important because without the pawn the game could not be won!

Putting it simple for those of you who have to question other peoples words and phrases……..we are all the same and none of us any more important than the next……….wish you well Kin and I love your shares and speach.

Take care all and wish you all well in recovery…………its been a long time since I last gambled although been very tempted many times.