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Monica, I hear you on how peoples’ energy is being draned at this time. I don’t think the “pandemic” is causing the stress. In my opinion, governments’ reaction is disproportinate to the situation and the loss of jobs and uncertainty about the future is making everyone edgy. We have been told the restrictions are now being extended to after the May Bank Holiday. What then?? June? August? Christmas? We need to ask some serious questions.

On a personal level, I feel blessed in many ways. We have a large garden . Hens to provide us with fresh eggs every day. A garden planted-roll on Summer for a good supply of vegetables.We live in a very rural area so a long walk can happen without meeting a soul (well maybe one or two bodies who nod by way of salute).  Our local shop is well stocked. (I’ve just come back from there) My main issue is travel beyond the required 2km which I have had to do and will need to do again next week. There are check points everywhere. I don’t want to offend police officers or hold them up in the course of their duty but I have had to, and will again refer to my constitutional rights i.e. Freedom to Travel in this case, which supercedes the hasty legislation which was rushed through, to give the police special powers.

I have been ensnared by gambling addiction for 20 years. I refuse to live in further entrapment under the guise of “keeping safe”. By consent 90% of people are using a reasonable and rational approach . Putting the boot to the neck could cause unnecessary friction. Just because a person wants to walk in the country doesn’t turn him/her into a suicide bomber.

I hope and pray that we all wake up!

Happy Easter to you and yours, Monica.

Tomorrow we will say with confidence