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Well I guess I was more tired than I thought this morning! I read Cat then wrote Carole! Well Cat please do not be mad at me! I love you both!
Carole I have worked in such a hellish envroment for so long I don’t really know what it is like to have a manager who “manages” instead of hiding in the back room reading the news paper.
It is cold 17f here right now. My body aches all over so I took a pain pill and i will be off to sleep soon.
I offered to chair my meeting for the month of December. I have not chaired since before my Jan 1st 2012 “slip”. I don’t know what came over me at the meeting. I guess it’s just my turn. We had a guest at our meeting who asked if we were proud of ourselves for going to GA. I responded while I did’t feel pride I did feel less ashamed of myself. I guess I am still feeling more self loathing than I thought. Sometimes I think I feel good in my own skin and then there are the others times. When do we stop feeling “less than”?