I put him on a plane this morning to go back to work, and cried as I drove away from the airport.

When he called this evening he was down and said he’d forgotten how small and depressing the rooms were at the man camp. And I told him I’d forgotten how big this house can get.

It will be lonely for both of us I’m sure.

He is different today than he was almost 8 weeks ago, and so am I. We have been given this time and the opportunity to reconnect with one another and to realize that we both have a lot of work to do.

He left here with $32 cash in his bill fold – and didn’t want more (that’s a first), and $29 on the Bluebird card (I will put small amounts of money on the card when he needs it). He says he likes the card and thinks it’s going to help him not to have cash (he cant use it at ATMs). And he put Betfilter back on his laptop. He took a small, plain spiral notebook for writing in (he picked it out himself V 🙂 ), 2 golf magazines, and a book on addiction by Stanton Peele.

So now it’s time to get to work on me …