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If you look t the big picture, which I need to do or the battle seems to be an endless stream of “hopeful tomorrow’s” , I would see the picture like this: you went 4 days with no betting. That’s a start. Now, you stumbled with $100 you wagered, but the reaction wasn’t to get it back by wagering more, it was to self exclude. That’s great. If you had Gambian on your devices, that wouldn’t of happened at all, but sometimes you need to crawl to the sweet spot. I did the same thing. I would keep looking and looking for the one site that would take my money and I didn’t care if there seems to be a way to cash out. I would be so happy that someone would even take my money. I would self exclude right after. The times between got longer and longer. If I could save you a lot of aggravation- get Gamban on all of your devices, even for the short two weeks. After the two weeks you will find it easier to say no. You most likely will sit at your devices for long periods and try different sites until you find another one, and there will always be one more to take your funds. As Running girl says, it’s a devious, cunning and merciless beast, online gambling, because you can never seem to get away. It’s on your computer, tablet and phone. It’s going to bellow from the electronics to get you back, so either get the exterminator out (Gamban) to get rid of the vermin on your devices, or get rid of the devices. You can’t win in the short run if you don’t. It’s like moving into a hotel room at a casino. Would you expect to be successful if you did that? You sound like your headed in the right direction. Keep in touch and I will tell you the long story of my life at another time. Try keeping busy, then try posting your success early in the day before it gets to late. If you tell us you were good for today, perhaps you could convince yourself not to lie to us and gamble after that. I have been gf for almost a month ( with the exception of being treated to the casino for my birthday, and that wasn’t really a cheat since it wasn’t even my desire to go). I find the desire to gamble less with each day, and although I do watch the YouTube videos from Life of a gambler and Neily777 every day that they come out , I don’t find that the reaction is to want to gamble more than I used to, it seems to give me the little fix that I need and then I am good. Keep trying, and one day at a time is the best that anyone can do