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Looking at the consequences of gambling is terrifying, Liberty. It hits us in minor and major ways . Every time I see the postman , my heard leaps into my mouth for fear it will be a Bill I haven’t budgeted for. At the beginning of each month I ask “who’s birthday /christening/wedding/first Communion is it? and what is the minimum amount I can give for a present or even how can I avoid attending” The tightening of muscles is a clear expression of anxiety as is the racing pulse , blurring of vision etc etc. I can well believe how our arteries become constricted as a result of stress , bringing us to the point of a heart attack. My recent gambling adventures failed to relieve those awful symptoms. I used to give me some time out in the past. Not any more! On the contrary, the anxiety increased, even as I gambled.
Although I get over whelmed with debt and everyday expenses still, not gambling allows me to feel slightly less anxious and some days I don’t even think of money at all.
I hope you find some way of avoiding fear and stress Liberty and if you can’t avoid it, learn to live with it with some level of peace and less fear.
“Perfect Love casts out all Fear!”
Love really is the opposite to fear.
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