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Many times when I gambled I would think it’s not too bad – I only spent £100 or £150.
Of course I did without lots of things while I was gambling .

Today I am reflecting on some purchases I made last night online at Argos. I spent under £80 and I now have a bathroom scales, dumbbells and a lovely fire pit for my garden.
Sure none of it’s top of the range but I have them now, they will improve my family’s wellbeing and health and all together they cost less than a “cheap” night gambling.

These are all things which will help me get through the lockdown with my mental and physical health intact. For someone like me, in early recovery these are essential items- things I have deprived myself of and which will motivate me.

My weekly cleaner is also proving to be a huge benefit. There is an added bonus that everyone seems to be tidying as we go along. It is lovely to walk downstairs each morning and have everything feel so clean. I will miss this perk during lockdown. The benefits of not gambling are becoming greater and greater.

Next on my list I am considering investing in family bicycles- perhaps second hand. Suddenly the possibilities seem endless – last night I googled old barges (not sure why – I have a huge phobia to water, sea, rivers – and am convinced I drowned in a past life).

I wish I could go back and do things better – I can’t – I can only make today the best day it can be. I can only make changes for my family for today. I am incredibly grateful that I have today and it’s many possibilities.