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Hey Mav,

What an interesting journey it has been for you. I dont normally read other gamblers post only because I don’t get much time to do so. I come on to check in every now and then so everyone knows I am ok. But your story just caught me off guard and I was so compelled by your journey at GMA. I cant believe they turned you away, your still a gambler even if it might be a smaller part of a bigger thing. I like your perspective on it though, being grateful for the experience even though it was short. You have the right attitude and I sense you have a lot of hope and stamina to keep going and to keep fighting.

I am in my 30s and have been giving myself such a hard time lately because I realised the years I wasted gambling. And its felt like I have literally thrown everything out of the window. And I just haven’t been able to see any light in the midst of realising what gambling made me become. But you young man in all your honesty and wisdom put a smile on my face and has brought me the hope I need to move on.

I am very proud of you, keep going, it most certainly can be done. I am a couple days away from being 9 months clean and I am ecstatic. I dont even really think about gambling anymore. But I don’t let that fool me, seeing a counsellor and staying accountable to friends and family, so that we never forget how much the past has affected our present.

Lets continue to dream again together my friend.