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Parable of a Farmer

Each event has no specific beginning or end and may influence future
events for years or even centuries to come.

An excellent example of life is found in the parable of the farmer.

“There once was a farmer. One day the farmer’s only horse broke out
of the corral and ran away. The farmer’s neighbours all hearing of the horse running away, came to the farmer’s house to view the corral. As they stood there, the neighbours all said “Oh what bad luck!” The farmer replied ‘maybe.’

“About a week later, the horse returned bringing with it a whole herd of wild horses
which the farmer and his son quickly corralled. The neighbours hearing of the
corralling of the horses came to see for themselves. As they stood there looking at the corral filled with horses, the neighbours said “Oh what good luck!” The farmer replied ‘maybe.’

“A couple of weeks later, the farmer’s son’s leg was badly broken when he was thrown from a horse he was trying to break. A few days later the broken leg became infected and the son became delirious with fever. The neighbours all hearing of the incident, came to see the son. As they stood there, the neighbours said “oh what bad luck.” The farmer replied ‘maybe.’

“At that same time in the country, there was a war going on between two rival Warlords. The Warlord of the farmer’s village was involved in this war. In need of more soldiers, he sent one of his captains to the village to conscript young men to fight in the war. When the captain came to take the farmer’s son he found a young man with a broken leg who was delirious with fever. Knowing there was no way the son could fight, the captain left him there. A few days later, the son’s fever broke. The neighbours hearing of the son’s not being taken to fight in the war and of his return to good health all came to see him. As they stood there, each one stated
“oh what good luck!” The farmer replied ‘maybe.’

Then he revealed the secret of his wisdom.
“It is not for us to know what is good or bad.
It is only for us to be fully engaged in the adventure of living,
how can we know what event is ultimately good or bad?

That is the future and we can only know the now
which is never good or bad, only part of the adventure.

Who knows?”