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thank You so much for your kind words. The feelings are completely mutual and I am so glad we had And have one another support as we were both battling the same demons and it is so amazing to be on the other side of it now. I knew we could do it. A lot of people on this site helped me get through this, but you were that one person who checked in on me daily, encouraged me through my many relapses that everything will be ok and that I would come out on top, and so did you. You are very inspiring and admirable to me as well, don’t ever forget that, without your help… I don’t know if I would be where I am today, I mean that. Im happy to hear about the baby coming .. a brand new beautiful life that you are bringing into this world, and that is very special. I believe you will end this year gamble free, better yet I believe you will never place another bet as well. After what we went through, I think it scarred us enough to have truly learned from this unfathomable experience. I believe in you just like you did for me. Thanks for checking in Meg, and know , that you too.. will always have a true friend in me. Take care of yourself. Sending all my love your way.