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Meghna83 you are absolutely correct hard part is to forget the losses… I have lost around $15000 where in i earn $300 per month I have lost my last 10 years savings + I have to pay $5000 (debt+personal loan own by my elder brother)

I have no savings no jewellery no vehicle nothing left with i sold everything I own in last ten years.

The thing allways stay in my mind i have to pay debt other wise crediters will harrase me and now I do not want my family members to know the situation I am got stuck in.

My parents helped me, my brother helped me however I was not able to keep their faith,… If anyone will come to know about this they will also be broke.

It’s hard to forget about my loss in this life.

Some time I feel like I should die however I am not going to do that now or never.

Life is all about struggle nothing is permanent and time will change I will try my best I will not gamble again. I will try not to gamble again